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We have all experienced moments when we have felt that our life had completely fallen apart. These moments are the greatest opportunities for transformation. Transformation is uncomfortable. In fact, it is a process of discomfort. Through the sharing of personal experiences, the author walks the reader through a process of turning the pain from his past into power in the present; thus, changing the trajectory of his life into a prosperous future. The step-by-step process of disassembling one’s perspective and refocusing it is gently and gingerly balanced against the backdrop of universal truths throughout this book. Though every individual’s journey is unique, the book provides a path to clarity regardless of the seemingly ambiguous collective sum of the journey traveled thus far. Readers are exposed to a basic formula of daily disciplines that, if done consistently, will usher in a keen sense of awareness of oneself and a deeper understanding of internal peace. Over time, the Four Disciplines of Intention will equip readers to operate from “the space of knowing.” There are questions at the end of each chapter that fuel an internal evolution. This book changes lives. It is a must read.


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