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Sisters Rose Tillman and Marvina Nash haven't spoken in decades—not since Rose sent Marvina $40 to register their business and Marvina spent it on something else. Rose begins a long career at the post office and Marvina spends her weekends cooking chicken dinners for the church fundraiser. Marvina never leaves the canister of their mama's special spice mix in the church kitchen, and she shares the recipe with no one.

Rose never forgave Marvina for that $40 betrayal, but when she retires, she's still dreaming of opening a restaurant with her sister, using mama's secret spice mix to make their fortune in fried chicken and Southern comfort food. To her horror, Rose realizes she's forgotten the spice mix recipe. There's nothing to do but get in her car to drive the two hours to Marvina's house back in Fork City, Texas. Marvina's determined never to speak to Rose again, but figures she'll meet her on the doorstep to hear what she has to say, before closing the door in her face.

Of course, that's not what happens next, as the sisters find a way to turn their mama's legacy into a bright new future for their whole community.

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Sister's with a side of greens

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