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ABOUT THE BOOK O Taste And See That The Lord Is Good shows the readers how God touched the heart of the author. Intimate glimpses into God's touch on her life as well as on the lives of some other interesting people. Each chapter offers drawings by Jim Jordan and even recipies to try.The heart and premise of the book is to remind readers God wants time with each of His children. As you read the book expect to discover something He wants you to see. His Word reminds us we are the salt of the earth. A sprinkle of new seasoning in life might help the attitude or goals just as new seasoning helps cooking. Try something new in several areas; it will be good for youSome pages are put in for the reader to make notes about life, add a new recipe, list verses. The book is like a workbook you read a chapter at a time and think about what God wants to do in your life. You need a faith that works.Expect to be introduced as you read to some interesting, very special people. The inspiration for the chapters of the book came from a lot of different people God put in our life. Like a beautiful tapestry our Father threads our lives together. when the world becomes dark for you, your spirit feels bitterness creeping in; stop a minute, and taste and see that the Lord is good!

O Taste and see

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