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A Dog With A Job?

A cute story of a resilient pup who is ready to make a difference in his awaiting owner's life.

Gareth is an active pup who is ready to find the perfect job for him! Come along as Gareth quirkily discovers the many different types of jobs dogs can have, meets new friends, and learns about his own strength of not giving up.

This inclusive story follows Gareth as he leaves his home and spends an adventurous day at the training facility to discover what is necessary to become a police dog, a medical alert dog, a guard dog, a service dog, and more. Gareth amusingly learns that he's not the best at everything, but that's okay... this pup is not one to give up!

Gareth Gets a Job... inspired by a real companion service dog

  • is a fun and easy read for boys and girls
  • is a fictional story highlighting the differences between working dogs
  • is full of colorful illustrations showing different dog breeds
  • is a great representation of diversity and Inclusion
  • shares fun & true facts about Gareth, the real skilled companion service dog

Which job will handsome Gareth choose? And who will he meet along the way?

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Gareth gets a Job

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