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Dear Black King is for the Black Man centering on how far he has come, not how far he has to go. Dear Black King implores the King to rise above the dissonance. It is a tome that speaks to men with love through twenty-one days of affirmations. These affirmations empower, uplift, and reassure the Black Kings on a transformative journey amid their day-to-day struggles. Dear Black King aims to feed the Black man's soul with expressions of insight from real-world narratives and valuable methods to re-instill confidence in their lives as they take on the world and its unrealistic expectations. Dear Black King articulates to the Black Man their authority to step into their role and flourish. It is a call to empower and uplift the black man with encouragement and twenty-one days of daily verbal exercises. Dear Black King aspires that Black Men will continue to thrive and pour into others through this journey.

Dear Black King

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