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Courage may take many forms, but it always begins in the heart.

Courage can take root in us when we as women recognize God’s truth over the lies that our world is telling us―lies that we often tell ourselves too. The Courage For Life Study Bible for Women is a rich, beautiful, and comprehensive study Bible―featuring a Bible study on every page―that guides us as we discover our ability to live purposeful lives of courage and to become the women God intends us to be.

This NLT Bible will help women break old patterns and experience transformation as they study and understand the Bible and invite God’s work in their lives.

This women’s Bible is unlike any other on the market. Features include:

  • A Bible study on every page drawing you deeper into understanding and applying God’s Word
  • Reflection questions to facilitate personal introspection and spiritual growth.
  • Encouraging profiles providing inspiring examples of heroes of the faith.
  • A topical index that easily connects you with verses on topics relevant to your life.
  • Access to a suite of resources including a linked audio Bible through the Filament Bible app to experience God’s Word in a multi-sensory way.
  • A unique discipleship path through the Bible, based on the seven COURAGE steps that will empower you to navigate your life with faith and resilience.
  • The clear and accurate, easy-to-read New Living Translation.

This is the perfect Bible for any woman who is serious about growth and transformation in Christ and for anyone looking for an innovative New Living Translation Bible for women.

Elevate Your Bible Study with the Filament App―Absolutely Free!

Unlock a world of knowledge and inspiration right at your fingertips! The Filament Bible app is your gateway to a deeper, more enriching Bible-study experience. Seamlessly connect every page of your Bible to a treasure trove of resources, including

  • 25,000+ study notes by more than 40 scholars offering a deeper understanding of what you’re reading
  • 350+ videos to captivate you as you unpack key information about the background and meaning of the Bible
  • 40+ maps and infographics explaining the geography and cultural background of the Bible
  • 400+ profiles and articles revealing the people and stories behind the verses, enriching your connection with the text
  • 1,500+ devotions providing daily inspiration and numerous opportunities for reflection
  • audio Bibles to immerse you in God’s Word anytime and anywhere
  • a library of worship music offering the perfect soundtrack for personal study and worship

Ready to dive deeper? Just grab your smartphone or tablet, open Filament, and let the learning begin. It’s simple, convenient, and extremely enriching. Start your enhanced Bible journey today!

Courage For life

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