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This is a life of living a lukewarm life knowing the truth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I was born and raised in a Christian church I lived the life of holding hands with the Lord one day and next day with Satan. This is called lukewarm. My life is written in this book how I overcame many things in life thinking there was no way out. I am a single mother my daughter is now 6 years old. I lived an abusive relationship, unloved, discourage, fear, anxiety, gossip, vulgar language, hatred, heartache and many trials in this life, feeling hopeless and never found a purpose until I found myself surrendering to Jesus in 2016 and gave him all my broken piece and told Him to transform and heal my past. He spoke to forgive and follow his steps. I am now walking the life of freedom, a friend of the Holy Spirit, and living victorious with the Lord and training my daughter to grow up to know Jesus is Her king and will never fail her. I found hope in Jesus, I have strength I have overcome the tunnel walking in the light with my head up high with the crown the Lord has given to me and my daughter to fulfill the assignment He has given to us with his guidance. This book will bring freedom and Jesus shall become your best friend and you shall find your identity and find rest in Him. Dance with Jesus till he brings in your prince to dance with you, don’t lose ur hope increase ur faith and the best remedy I recommend is His powerful word. This book will show you how to find yourself again in Christ. Forgive, love, and increase your faith.

Brokeness becomes New

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