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I couldn't always remain inside because I had to go to my day job and we had to eat so I went out . I went out but I had Jesus covering my back! it's going to be interesting what the world is going to look like after 2020. Before Corona Virus hit we were dealing with the loss of Kobe and his daughter , then after Corona hit we are now but I say now but we really have been dealing with Racism for 400 years . And almost every time I open my Bible I hit Repent, Disobedience and the Lord will supply all my needs scriptures. .He has done that above and beyond/ Just about all of my scripture Rocks have on the back of them Q 2020, as a way for me to remember the Quarantine in 2020. I just completed some Father's day rocks for a Church and two Prayer Boxes. I praying for God to give me an idea for a new product that I have in mind. and oh Black Lives do matter they matter to my entire family BLM Be anxious for nothing!

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