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Part 2 of the Quarantine Blog

Well, its been an interesting summer . My daughter and I had to actually quarantine for two days because we had taken the test to see if we had corona virus. We tested negative Praise God! I can't see my grandbaby and I'm somewhat ok with that. I do not want her to get sick . I have brought her 3 masks and she looks so cute in them.

This Panademic is really driving home that we should get our house in order and be intentional about what's important to us. Do that thing that you were afraid to do , love that person that loves you ,take that job that you are afraid to take , go on a journey that you have ALWAYS wanted to go . I have started volunteering with a Bookworm bus , it's a mobile library . I had three Voter's registration drives to do my part in this election.

Carpe diem!!!

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