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Oh Happy Day!!!! I got it !! Embassy of Jesus is official It's trademarked!!!To God be the Glorryyyy

I embarked on a journey of starting a business and getting "Embassy of Jesus" trademarked. I got my DBA first , then God gave me the slogan and I did a poor man's trademark while going thru the USPTO in January ,2019 I submitted the trademark and in May, 2019 it was put in the gazette for opposition and on July, 2019 I had to show where I was selling it or using it . Then in Aug, 2019 It was flagged and I needed to do somethings within a 6 month time limit or else my trademark would be abandoned . On October I submitted my Response to the Nonaction and just last night I got and "Notice of Acceptance!. I will get my certicate on November 19,2019.

I give ALL the Praise to God if it who all blessings flow

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