Brookshire , Brookshire,Brookshire!

#thankyou #Brookshireisbetter #Ifeltloved #fImfrombrookshire #BrookshireforJesus #Igotmypicturetaken #Godlovemeandraychel

My hometown, thank you Brookshire , As I said in my facebook post I was tired and wasn't going to go but I could feel the Holy Spirit nudging me to go. I sell somethings I had me picture taken by the newspaper and Now we are getting ready for iReach next week and I'm yet GRATEFUL! ( Ms. Henrimae says and in her voice)


I have to get some help because me and Raychel make everything with the exception of the T-shirts and the Caps. We have to make some more bracelets, earrings and more rocks and new the wood . We have an order for 10 rocks by Friday . My big sister Kim is going to help us and one of Raychel's friend Demary's.

I love all three of the Trinity!


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