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I was walking to my friend's house before work to have a cup of coffee and talk about the goodness of the Lord, and as I was walking, I had to pause at a stop sign because a car was approaching. I started to thank the Lord for being in my life and my family's life thats when the Holy Sprit responded by saying, "I am with you always because I live in you". I said, "you do Lord", to which He replied, "Because I live in you, wherever you go you are like an Embassy".

I am listening to the Holy Spirit in awe and then He said, "Your body is an Embassy of Jesus, you are Sovereign you may be in Brookshire but the land that is you is the Embassy of Jesus". A month later I went to get my DBA, I prayed and asked the Lord what should I call my business. I thought a lot about the name but nothing stuck then the Holy Spirit said, "Bible Connoisseur". I got my DBA then started working on my Trademark of, "Embassy of Jesus" which was finalized November 2019.

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